Hi there, how is everyone felling this weekend? I can’t personally say that I have a lot planned, but since lockdown started my husband and I have been doing a Zoom pub quiz with his family. We got a close second place last week (even though we won the week before that, woo hoo!) and we’re hoping to regroup and get our title back. The winner each week is in charge of either making the quiz for the following week, or nominating someone else to do it.

We actually had a lot of fun making our quiz the last time, although I don’t envy any quizmasters that are tasked with doing it for a living week after week!

I was also thinking of making the Serious Eats Cast Iron Pizza recipe, but we don’t have any yeast and our supermarket is still out of it. If you happen to have yeast and a cast-iron skillet, this is such a delicious recipe and really fun to make!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


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What do you have going on this weekend? Share in the comments below!