Happy weekend everyone! My husband and I have been in the US for the last week, visiting my family in New Jersey for the next little while. Luckily here the COVID situation has been pretty stable and on a downward trend since it peaked back in March and April. People are mostly very sensible about wearing masks when out.

We’ve mostly been staying home since we got here, and my husband has been spending a lot of quality time with my parents Alaskan Malamute, Leyla. My parents are older and she’s a massive dog, so she’s been getting a little overweight from not being walked as often as she should, even though she has a big backyard to roam around in. My husband has been walking her twice a day, morning and evening to avoid the hot sun in midday for both their sakes!

We did manage a trip to the Pennsylvania Dutch Farmer’s Market on Route 27 in Princeton and stocked up on fresh and delicious treats. My husband had never had peach pie before, and while a whole pie would’ve been way too much temptation, the market also sells them by the slice and we got to share a heavenly piece of pie made with fresh summer peaches. We also treated ourselves to a well-marbled Delmonico steak. We don’t eat steak that often, but when we do we try to get one that’s higher welfare and the quality of this one was excellent.

This weekend we’re planning on making some shrimp tacos with the fresh corn tortillas and cotija cheese we got. One of my favorite things about being back here is the huge variety of ethnic foods available, many of which are hard or impossible to find in Scotland. Also looking forward to some great opportunities to develop recipes while here!

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I love the clean lines of Veja sneakers. Their Esplar leather low-top trainers go with just about anything and are my favorite way to stay both chic and comfortable when out and about. ($120, via Saks Fifth Avenue)

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What are your plans for this weekend? Share below in the comments!