Summer’s officially winding down now with Labor Day weekend just around the corner. Were any of you able to do anything fun during that time? No beach time for us this year, and unfortunately the vacation to southern Italy that we were so looking forward too in early September was cancelled.

We did, however, enjoy a few socially distant get togethers with friends and spent some valuable quality time with family.

I’ll be starting a new teaching job next week, and am both excited and nervous about it. Excited to get back to teaching, nervous because of the pandemic. Luckily it’s at a small pre-school and as of now my class is only six children who are mostly in first grade. I’ll be doing virtual learning support in the mornings and fun enrichment activities in the afternoon.

I’m in New Jersey, which currently has among the lowest infection rates of any state, but of course we’ll still be taking all the precautions needed.

Wish me luck!

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What are your plans for the weekend? Share below in the comments!