The weather is getting so much nicer here in Scotland, so we might just take advantage of it and spend more time in our yard. Sometimes, if we’re lucky, our neighbor’s cat pops on over and says hello.

My mother is back in the US and she’s gotten pretty good at using Zoom, so we’ll be having a virtual Mother’s Day together. If you’re celebrating Mother’s Day with people you’re quarantined with, the recipes I’ve linked to should make it a little easier to still make the day special with a delicious at-home brunch.

Have a wonderful weekend all!

Here are dozens of recipes, most of them really easy with ingredients you probably already have at home. (via Bon Apetit)

I’ve been isolating with my husband, so I found this article on what happens to your brain when you’re with your partner 24/7 pretty fascinating. (via Elite Daily)

With the humans away, the animals will play. (via Smithsonian)

Twenty trending decor ideas for bathrooms. (via Decoist)


My obsession this season with pouch bags continues. (via Cos)














Me and pretty much everyone I know have been going hard on the snacking since lockdown. If you’re looking for more healthy options, here are 24 recipes that will leave you feeling good about what you’re eating. (via Eating Well)

The art of liking yourself. (via Medium)

13 big batch recipes to make now and enjoy later. (via MyDomaine)

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How quarantine has changed the meaning of “home”. (via Refinery 29)

For those working from home, here are 10 tips for mindful productivity. (via Forbes)

The most popular design styles in the US, state by state. (via House Beautiful)

I’ve been adding a few drops of this under-$10 product to my vitamin C serum (now on sale!) and after just a week my skin looks brighter and feels softer. (via Sephora or Cult Beauty UK)

What do you have going on this weekend? Share below in the comments!