Another month gone by, and the last full month of summer is now upon us.

Just a few days ago my husband and I flew from Edinburgh to New Jersey via Amsterdam to visit my parents for a bit. The visit, however, isn’t just to say hello. I’ll be writing more about the other reason we flew out here in the coming weeks and months.

My husband has unfortunately been furloughed until early autumn, so he was able to come with me. Flying is, of course, very different now and much less carefree than probably ever. Our flight to Amsterdam from Edinburgh was surprisingly full, and of course everyone wore a mask throughout.

We enjoyed an overnight layover in Amsterdam, which was blissfully free of tourists and had a fantastic Indonesian Rijstaffel at Long Pura. I definitely recommend it if you’re ever in Amsterdam.

By contrast, our flight from Amsterdam to Newark only had 31 people on board a huge Boeing 787. We used miles to upgrade to business class, and we had the entire cabin to ourselves! We had coronavirus tests the day after we arrived and we are luckily negative after all these months. Looking forward to finishing off summer on a high note.

Welcome to August!

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Sometimes I really, really miss my ABH Amrezy highlighter. I’ll still never get why it wasn’t made a permanent product since it was so beloved and wildly successful. I think I might have found a new replacement in liquid form with the Chanel Les Beiges Sheer Healthy Glow Highlighting Fluid. Liquid highlighters are great for drier and maturing skin, and I can’t wait to play with this one a little by adding a drop to foundations or primer to impart a luminous glow. ($48, via Nordstrom)

I’ve been switching over to more clean beauty products over the last year and my favorite new deodorant is Alleyoop Slow Your Roll All-Natural Deodorant. I love the soft, fresh pomegranate scent and it also has the extra bonus of inhibiting hair growth. ($12, via Ulta)

It’s important to take care of your hands, and even though winter might seem ages away, life comes atcha fast. Get a head start on keeping hands soft and happy with Magicstripes Hand Repairing Gloves. ($38.58 for a box of 3, via Amazon)

Thick, sculptural chokers are THE statement jewelry trend for Fall 2020. The Dash Hinge Wrap Choker is one of my favorites, at an affordable price point. This piece comes in silver or gold tone and will pair well with substantial knits as well as carry you into next spring to add interest to simpler necklines and minimalist pieces. ($110, via Soko)

By Terry (UK)

My parent’s Alaskan Malamute turned 7 this year, which officially now makes her a senior doggo. While she still thinks and acts like a puppy sometimes, her joints aren’t quite what they used to be. We still love to have her cuddle on the sofa, and these Frisco Deluxe Foldable Wood Carpeted Pet Stairs have made it easier for her to climb up next to us. These come in different sizes and colors, and also work well for cats who aren’t quite as spry as they use to be. ($57.99, via Chewy)

The folks over at McSweeney’s are masters of insightful, biting satire. Here’s a piece that’s perfect for those of us going a little stir crazy these last few months. (via McSweeney’s)

While I still adore my cloud purses, a classic structured bag at an affordable price is hard to resist. ($69.99, via Banana Republic)

Cozy and luxe Quincy Cashmere Joggers that I’m fully lusting after for fall. ($225, via Naked Cashmere)

Any favorites for August that you’ve got? Share below in the comments!