Alone time can be valuable for all of us. We can use it in so many ways, such as quiet contemplation and taking stock of our current situation, read a book, or any of the ideas I’ve listed below. Some you can do all day or for days at a time even, others if you just manage a few minutes to yourself a day.

If you’re looking for a break from Netflix and scrolling through your Instagram feed, here are 15 new ways to enjoy time on your own.

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1. Go through your old photos, post the one that makes you happiest and tell the story behind it

2. Watch an uplifting or motivational TED Talk. A favorite of mine is Luvvie Ajayi’s “Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable”.

3. Call or video chat your friends, especially those who live far away. I know a lot of people are currently doing this with social distancing and self-isolation, but there’s no rule saying these are the only times you can reach out to someone.

4. Plan your meals for the week. It saves time and headache, plus gives you something to look forward to when you make and taste them!

5. Dance in your living room while blasting your favorite music. Use headphones if you need to in order to be considerate to neighbors, but you know the saying “dance like no one is watching?” Well, now no one is watching for real so you might as well have some fun with it!

6. Create a new playlist.

7. Draw or color in a coloring book.

8. Try a challenging puzzle or logic games. It passes the time and also keeps your mind engaged and active.

9. Make a list of places you’d like to travel to and one thing you really want to do while you’re there.

10. Enjoy a virtual tour of 12 famous museums from around the world.

11. Listen to a new podcast and branch out in genre. Love true crime? Try listening to a financial planning or comedy podcast.

12. Make a new recipe you’ve never tried before.

13. Catch up with your favorite blog posts.

14. Take a nap.

15. Try out a new hairstyle or makeup technique.

Which of these do you want to try first? What are your favorite ways to spend your alone time?

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